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Monthly Archives: September 2017

That which you Might Do In the present day for your Begin the process of of With Company Customer Service and Call Center Services

Transient Post Teaches You the Ins and Outs of Outsource Customer Support Service and Anything you Have to Do Right away Customer Service Call Center Services. You will discover a number of the optimal customer service call facilities around the United states offering groundbreaking services for their prospects. Utilized as being a customer service consultant can be a demanding task. …

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An Impartial Perspective on Leader Essay

Leader Essay – What Is It? You can not pull position in the event the situation demandsyou have zero rank to pull. An individual must likewise be able to understand the way his emotions influence the instant atmosphere. Composing an expository

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Translated Story By Qaisar Nazir Khawar

O?U?U?O? U?O�O?U?U?U?U? O�U?O?U� U?U?O�U� O?O�O�U?O�O� O�UZO�U�O?U? U?U?U�U�U?U?O�U� O? O�O�O?U? U�O�U�O? O� U�U?O�O� U�O�U?O� O�O�U?O� – (U�U�U? U�O�U�U? U�U� O?O�O�U� U�U?U? ) – ” U�U�U? O�O? U�U�O?U� U?U?U? U� ” U�U�U�U�U�U�U�U�U�U�U�U�U�U�U�U�U�U�U�U�U�U�U�U�U�U�U�U�U�U� – a�?O?U�O?O? O�U�O?O�U� U�O� U�U�O?O� U�U?U?U? U� U?U? U�O� O?U�O?O� U?U� U�U?U�U� U?O�O� U�U?U?U? O?U�O?O� U� a�? a�? U�U?U� U�U?O?U� O�U?O� O�U?O� U�O? O�O�O�O? O?U� O�U?O� O? O�O�U� U�U?U? O�O?U� …

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Rohingya Muslims Article By Gulbano

O�U?U?U�U?U?O� U�U?U� U?U?U?OY U�U?O�U�U�O�O� O�O?U� O?O�U�O� U�U� U�O�U� O?U� O?U?U? U?U�O�O�O� O�O�O?O� U?U� O?O�O? O�U?O?U?U? U?O� U�O?O?U�U� U�U�U� U?U� O�O? U�U?U? O?U� O�O�U�U?U?U� U?O� O�O�O�O�U� U�U?U? U�O?U�U�O�U�U?U? U�U? O?O?O�O?U? O?O? O?U� O?U?O�O?U? U?U� U� O?U�O�U?O?O�UZUZ U�U? U�O�U�U? U�O?U�U�O�U�U?U? U�U? O?O?O�O?U? O�U�U?U?U? ” O�U?U?U�U?U?O�” U�U?O� O�O�O?O� U?U�U� O�U�U?O�U�U? U�O?O�O?U? U� O�U?U� O�U?U?O�U? U�U� U�O�O�O?U� ” O�U?U?U�U?U?O� U�O?U�U�O? ” U�U? O?U�U?O� U�U? …

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Poem By Kausar Jamal

“U�U�U?O�O? U?U?U? U?U� U�O�U?O�O? U�U?U?U?” – O�U� U?O�O?U?U?O? O�U� O?U?O�O? O�U� O?O�U�U�O�U�U? O�O�O� O?U� U�U� O?U? O?U?U�U?U? U?U?U? U?U? O?U� O�O�O� O�U?O�U�U?O�U? O�U? O�U?U� O?O?O�O? U�U� O?O?U� U�U?U? O�U?U�U? O�U?U�U? O�O�O? U�U� O�O�O�O? U�O?U?U? U�U? U�U?U?U� U?O�U?U? O�U?O?O�O?U?O�U�U? O�O�U� U�U? O?O�U?O�O�O?U? U�U� U?O�O?O�U� O�U? O�O?O� U�U? O?U�O? U?U?O�U?U? U�U� U�U�O�O?U� O?O�U?U?O? O�O�O�O?O�O�U?U? U�U?U? O?O?U�U? U?O� U�U�U?U? O�O�O�O�U?U? U�U?U? O�O?O� U?O�U?U? …

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