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Monthly Archives: April 2018

No cost Bet: An advantage One Can Get

Watching real time telecast of major sport events will be one of the various past times of the people in any kind of aspects of the world. Athletics like field hockey, football, soccer, horse bike racing, tennis and in some cases baseball and others are amongst the ones noted sports that a lot of activities admirer are succumbing to observe. …

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Short Story By Qaisar Nazir Khawar

O?U�U?O� O?U?O�O? ( O�U�O�O� U� O� U?O�U?O?O� ) ( A Lonely Woman ) U�O�U�U? O� O?U?U�O�U?O� O?O�U�O� O?O�O�U?O� U�U?U�O�O� O� U�U?O�O� U�O�U?O� O�O�U?O�O� – O?O?U?O?U? O�U?U� O�U?O?O�U?O�O? U�U�U�U? O?U?U? U�U?U�U� O�O?U� U�O�U�U? O?U�U?U?U? O?U� U?O� U�U?O?O� O?U?O� U� U?U? O?O? O?U� U?U�O� U�U�O? O?U?U? O�O? U?U? O?U?O� O?O?U?O? U�U� O?O�U�U�U� O?U?U?U?U? O?U?U? U� O�O? U�U? O?U?O�U? U�O�U�U? O�U?O� O�U�U?O�O�U? O?U�U�U?U?U? …

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Short Story By Mehar Afroz

O�U?U?U?O� O?U�….. O�U?O? O�O?U� O�O?U� U�O�U?U� O?U�U? O?U?O� U?U?U?U?O? U�U?O�U? U�U?U?U?U? O?U?U?U? U�U? O�O?U?O?O? O?U?O? O�O�O�O? U?U?U?U?O? O?U?U? O�O?U� U?O�U�O�U� U?U?U?U?O� O?U?O� O?U?U? O?O? O?U� O�O?U?O?O�U� U�U?U� O�U�U?U�U� U�U� O?O?O? U�U� U?U?O� U�U?U�O� O�U?….. O�O?O� O�O?U�O� U?O� U?U?O?U? U�U?O�U�O� O�U?O� U?U?O� U�U?U� O?U?U?O� U�U?U?U?U? U�O� U�U?O�U�O� O?U�O� U�O� O�U?O? U�U�U�O?U� O?U?O� U?U?U?U?O?….U�U?U� U�U� O?O?O� U�U? O�O?U?U?U? U?O�O�U?U�U? O�O?U�U?U?O� O?U?U?O�U?O? O?O? …

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Ghazal By Sajid Hidayat

U?O�O�O�U�_ O?O?U?O? U?O�U�U?O� O?O�O?O? O?U?O�U�O? O�O�O?O? O?O�U?U?U�O? O�U?U?O? O�U�U�U� O?O�O?U�O? O?O?U?O� U�U?O�O�O? U�U�O�U?O� U?O�O�O?O? O?U?O? U?O�U� U?U?U�O�U�U?O? U�O?O?O� O?O?U?O?O? O?O?U?O? O?O�O?U?U? O�U?O� O�O�U?O�U� O�U?O?O� U�U? U?O�U�O�O�O? U?O� O�U?U� O?O?U� O?U? O�O�O?O�O? U�U? U�O�O�….. —— – U�O�U? O?U�U�U?U?U? U�U?U? O�U?U�U� O?U?O? O�O?U?U? U�U�U? O�U?O�O? O?O�U�U? U?U?U? U�O�U?U� O�U� O?O�O? U�U?U�U� O?U?O? O�O?U?U? U�U�U? O�U?O�O? O?O�U�U? U?U?U? – U�O�O?O? U�U� O?U�U�O?O� U�U?U?O? …

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Ghazal By Aleem Israr

O?U�U�U?U?U? U�U� O?U?U?O? U? O?U?O�U? O?U�O�U�O? O�O?O� U�O�U� U�U? O�U?U� U�U?O�U? O?U�O�U�O? – O?O�O? U�O?O� U�U?O�U? U�U? U?U? O?U?O?O�O� O?U?O�O� O?U� O?U�O� O�U?U� O�U�U?U? U?O�U? O?U�O�U�O? – O?U?O�O� O?O?U� O?O?U� U�U? O�U�O?U?O� U�U? U?U?U�U�U� U?U�U?O?U? O�U?U� O?U?O�U? U�O�U? O?U�O�U�O? – U?U?U? O?O�O�O�U? U?U?U�O�U�U� O�U?O�U? U�U� U?U� O�U?U� U?U? O�O�U� U?U�O�U? O?U�O�U�O? – U?U� U?U?U? U�U�O?U�U?U? O?U� U�O?O�U� O�O?O?U� O?O�U�U? U�U?O� …

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Ghazal By Abdur Rehman Wasif

U?O�O�O?U? U�U�U�U� O?U�U?O�O�U� U�O�U� O�U?U� O?O?U� – U?O?U�O? U?U� U?U?U? O�O�O?U? O?U�U� O?O�O�O�U� O?O?U� U�U? O�U�O?O�O�O? U�O�U?U? U?U?U?U� U?U?U� O?O�O�O�U� O?O?U� U�U�U� U�U?U? O?O�U?U�O�O� U�U? O?O�U�U?U� U�O�U�O� U�O�U?O?O� U?U?U? O?U? U?U?U? U�O�U? U�U? U�U�U? U�O�U? O?U� U�U� O?O�O�O�U� O?O?U� U�U�U�U� O?O? O�U?U� O?O�O� U�U? U�U?U�O?U?U? U�U?U? O�O�O�O�U? U?U?O�U? O?U?U? O�O?O� O�U?U? U?U� U�O?U�O?U� O?O?U� O?O�O�O�U� O?O?U� U�U�U�U� U�U?U? U?U?O�O? U�U?U?U�U� …

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