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About Us

Huda Foundation Is Formed By Educationalists, And Philanthropists.

  • It is charitable and non commercial organization.
  • It aims to guide the youth for excellence in education. Building leadership qualities, carrier guidance, informal education.
  • Supporting resource poor students for excellent educational opportunities.
  • Preparing ideal model youth and respectable citizens by giving value based education.
  • We believe in the words of Qura��an- a�?The Almighty has created each individual with different, a�?Skills and potentialsa�?. We aim to empower and enhance those potentialities to bloom to the fullest extent, and turn into constructive and creative individuals to serve the parents, organization, community and nation in return.

    Huda- is one of the name of “Quran” The holy book, sent by Allah through Gabriel the holy spirit on the holy messenger, prophet Mohammed Sallallahu-alaihi wassallam. The holy book has five names.

  • “Al-Kitab”- The book -which gives perfect knowledge in its perfect form.
  • “Al-HUDA”- The guide -which shows us righteous path.
  • “An-Noor”- The light -which shows us Divine light.
  • “Al-Qura’an”- Which is recited again and again.
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  • “Al- Furqan”- The Distinguisher.
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