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Syeda Ayesha Artical by Iftikhar Ahmed

After the death of Syeda Khadijah, when Khaula came to the Holy Prophet, with the proposal of two names – Ayesha and Saudah, he asked her to check with both the ladies. First she checked with Abdullah, popularly known as Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique, the father of Syeda Ayesha, who later became the first caliph of Islam. He told her …

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Syeda Sauda Article by Iftikhar Ahmed

The death of Syeda Khadijah grieved the Prophet so much that he could not overcome the loss for a long time. Also, there was no one to take care of his young daughters – Umme Kulthum and Fatima. The elder daughters – Zaineb and Ruqayyah were already married and settled in their homes. Seeing him aggrieved, Khaula bint Hakim, wife …

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